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Web Developer at Johnny FLash productions

I’ve been working and contributing as a developer at this amazing 5-star rated digital marketing agency for a year now. It’s been an entire year of thrilling challenges, creative collaborations, and the constant opportunity to showcase my skills.


Front-end Web Developer

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Date Started

January 2023

Johnny Flash Productions is a digital marketing agency that serves businesses in Fairfax and Northern Virginia. They specialize in working with various niches, including churches, fitness, the food industry, general contractors, and more.




As a front-end web developer at Johnny Flash, my main responsibilities include creating and maintaining websites. I am also responsible for resolving and troubleshooting any technical issues, ensuring a secure and reliable online experience for our valued clients.

Even in my first year as a part-time developer, I had the opportunity to participate in and collaborate on multiple full web projects. I was fortunate enough to work alongside experienced professionals, which provided me with valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and enhance my skill set.

This experience not only expanded my technical skills but also provided me with a deeper understanding of how the business side of things operates. We are not just creating websites; we also ensure that they are functional and serve their intended purpose for your business.

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A Year of Caring for JFP Client's Website

We don’t just build websites; we also provide maintenance services. Technology improves every day, and as a result, our website needs to keep up as well.

At JFP, we are conducting scheduled site maintenance which includes ensuring that the websites are up-to-date, performing regular backups, and implementing necessary security measures.

Providing Additional Support to the Team

As a part-time developer assigned to the afternoon shift, my main responsibility is to handle the incoming support tickets that come in late, ensuring that every issue is addressed and resolved promptly. This way, if there are any problems with our client's website, we can still fix them immediately.
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Make an impact

A way of Giving Back to the community

Johnny Flash Productions always finds a way to extend blessings to others, bringing us a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.
Christmas party 2023

Lucky to work with talented people

Even though we are working from home, it doesn’t stop us from meeting talented individuals who can help us grow.

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