Hey, I'm Egoy Magnaye

I'm a web developer based in the Philippines. I build websites and web applications. I'm primarily working on building WordPress websites, but I'm also developing Next.js and React projects.

My Portfolio

Here are some of my latest projects.

  • React JS, React Context, React Hooks, Formik, Google Map API, Tailwind CSS

    A Store Locator Widget Built With React & Google Map API

    A custom widget developed for a home remodeling company in Australia. Helps to add a store locator to the client's website. This widget enables the customer to find the nearest retailers in a given area.

  • React JS, React Router, Redux, WP REST API, Tailwind CSS

    A Polling Application for Cakes Built Using React JS & Redux

    Originally developed for a bakery business located in Germany. This single-page application was a part of their small system that helps the client to manage their business.

  • React JS, React Context, React Hooks, Formik

    Custom Product Enquiry Widgets Developed Using React

    Developed for a home-improvement company in Australia. These three separated widgets are part of their website which provides a custom product enquiry process.

  • React JS, Redux, WP REST API, Webpack bundler for back-end UI, Parcel for front-end UI

    A Digital Signage Builder Developed On React JS

    A custom-built WordPress plugin that helps to create image slideshows and videos for a client's in-store monitor display.