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Discover a collection of helpful articles that cover a wide range of topics related to website development and management.

Featured image of What happens if you stop updating your Wordpress site blog post.

Website Essentials, WordPress

What Happens If You Stop Updating Your WordPress Site (Plugins, Themes & Core)?

April 26th, 2024

Discover the consequences of neglecting WordPress updates & the impact on your site’s security and…

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Featured image of How To Maintain a WordPress Website blog post

Website Essentials, WordPress

How to Maintain A WordPress Website: Keeping Your Site Healthy

Learn how to maintain a WordPress website to ensure smooth & secure operation. Discover how to optimize your site’s health & performance with this…

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Featured image of Next.js to WordPress Portfolio Conversion blog post.

Website Essentials, WordPress

From Next.js to WordPress: Converting My Portfolio Once Again!

Considering starting your own website? Take a look at why I decided to convert my Next.js website to WordPress,…

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Image of web manager working

Website Essentials

What is a Web Manager: Key Responsibilities & Duties

Discover the essential responsibilities & duties of a web manager. Check how they can help enhance your website & boost your…

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Business, Website Essentials

How Basecamp Simplifies My Project Management: A Must-Have Tool

Simplify our project management process with Basecamp’s complete suite of tools. Learn why it’s my must-have for efficient project…

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