About Me

Hi, I'm Egoy. I'm a web developer with over 6 years of experience developing websites and I'm working remotely in the Philippines.

I've developed websites for my clients, mostly WordPress websites. I can also develop custom themes and plugins for this content management system.

I can build single-page applications (SPAs) using React as well. Whenever my clients have complicated functionalities they want for their website, React is my number one go-to solution to build such functionalities.

My end goal as a developer is to work in a team that will continuously push me to learn new things. If ever I'll have a chance, I also want to build and launch my very own web applications.

My Stacks

Relevant Key Skills

  • WordPress REST API, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

    This is my primary stack since I'm working with clients that use WordPress as their platform for their business. I can build custom WordPress themes and plugins as well.

  • React.js, WP REST API, PHP, Webpack

    This is the stack I'm using when my clients want custom functionality for their website. Most of the time, I'm creating a custom plugin to develop the new feature.

  • React.js, Redux, React Router, React Hooks, CRA

    I think this is the common stack in building single-page applications if you're using React. This is the stack I'm using when I started learning React and I still use it to build SPAs. I'm using the Create React App tool for faster setup.

  • HTML, Sass, GSAP, Parcel, Tailwind.css

    I use this stack if the client needs static websites only that can be served by any static hosting service or CDN.

  • Next.js, Tailwind.css

    These are my new tools for building websites. This website was statically generated using Next.js. I've never used it to develop applications yet, but I think this will be my new tool in developing web apps and websites.

  • Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose

    Developing backend functionalities is my new target goal as a developer. Building RESTful APIs is one of the reasons why I want to learn backend stuff.

Work Experience

  • Web Developer

    @ Animation Outsourced

    Makati, Philippines

    December 2017 - February 2021

    Animation Outsourced is a full-service animation studio, with a production facility in the Philippines and with clients worldwide. Although I'm working with Animation Outsourced, I was assigned separately to one of their clients and my primary duty was to developed and maintain their websites. My client is a law firm in Mississippi USA and we used WordPress as our main website platform.

  • Front-end Web Developer

    @ Starfish Internet Solution

    Makati, Philippines

    February 2016 - November 2017

    Starfish Internet Solution is a web agency in the Philippines that provides services like web development and graphic designs. My primary duty was to developed websites. I'm assigned to multiple clients and I'm the one who is responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and maintaining their websites. I also learned how e-commerce works in this job because I've built e-commerce sites for some of their clients.